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Our Services


Full Home Design

Our most comprehensive service, Full Home Design is ideal for clients who want their home—in its entirety—to be seamless, comfortable, and cohesive. We are experts at looking at the big picture of your space and its functional needs while refining each detail along the way. 


Set Fee Room Design

We are a design studio that specializes in curating the layers that make your home feel complete. Our Set Fee Room Design service includes the planning, selection, sourcing, and installation of every aesthetic element that makes up your chosen room. A three room minimum is required.


Window Treatments

Window treatments add depth and texture in any room of any style. For this service, we begin with a consultation and a collection of hand-picked textiles for your project. Once we have a plan in place, we will work with our specialist to custom order and install your window treatments.  

The Layered House_Interior Design_Pacific Palisades


Elements like artwork, pillows, and accessories are the final layer of a lived-in, well-composed home. We collaborate with clients to create a vision for their finished space. We then assemble a curation of personal, high-quality pieces and style each one for real life.

The Layered House_Interior Design_Pacific Palisades
The Process


Each of our services begins with a thorough consultation so that we can get a true sense of your lifestyle and how you engage with your space. This information becomes the foundation of our Design Proposal and our ongoing work together.


Sourcing is the key to a truly layered home with an emotive feel. We are adept at collecting elements that are modern, antique, locally-made, artisan-crafted, and deeply personal. While diverse, they share a common thread of timeless style and quality.


Once plans are approved and furnishings are in hand, it's time to turn our shared vision into a tangible reality. We spend time installing each detail, taking your daily routines into account. The end result is a home that lives alongside you.

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