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Behind the Brand

Founder Jaimee Longo is a Los Angeles native of more than 20 years and a self-taught designer. Prior to her career in design, Jaimee explored other artistic realms as a professional dancer and photographer. Once she found her niche in interiors, she spent eight years as a co-founder and principal designer at Refinerie Home, where she developed a reputation for her collected aesthetic, collaborative process, and penchant for fun. Jaimee's signature style is a skillful curation of locally-made furnishings and modern lines, balanced with old world objects and textural layers—all perfectly placed for imperfect living.

Our Values

We pride ourselves in our timeless aesthetic, relaxed yet systematic approach, and ability to foster connections between our clients and their home. We listen to our clients, internalizing their lifestyle and designing from an intuitive point of view. The result is a home that is truly custom, wherein each detail rests at that elusive intersection of form and functionality.

Our spaces—as well as our name—are inspired by our guiding design philosophy: what makes a home truly distinctive is in the layers. Each one mirrors the facets of your authentic life, telling your story through every detail. 

The Layered House_Interior Design_Pacific Palisades


The Layered House_Interior Design_Pacific Palisades
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